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neoECU 12

Low-Cost Embedded ECU with CAN FD and Digital Input/Output

Real-Time Real Fast ECU Development

Need a scriptable, low-cost node for CAN / CAN FD, and LIN? The neoECU 12 includes two CAN / CAN FD channels, LIN, analog In, PWM outputs and digital I/O. The node runs the Vehicle Spy CoreMini engine for easy setup.

    neoECU 12 Connections


    • Two CAN / CAN FD channels configurable for SW CAN, LSFT CAN, and DW CAN
    • 1 LIN channel
    • 6 0-3.3V DIO (Digital Input/Output)
    • 1 0-5V DIO (Digital Input/Output)
    • 4 0-5V analog inputs channels
    • 5 programmable tri-color LEDs
    • 4 programmable internal Buttons
    • 5 PWM outputs
    • Use CoreMini scripting engine to run standalone scripts
    • Power management: Full-shutdown sleep 


    • Gateway nodes
    • Try out new algorithms early in the design process
    • Simulate a real ECU environment with dozens of low cost nodes
    • Integrate into ECU load or ECU test boxes to make them intelligent
    • Create custom test instruments
    • Convert CAN or LIN signals to analog and vice versa
      neoECU 12

      Scripting and Automation: The neoECU 12 is well-equipped for integration into a vehicle or test bench with its full featured scripting engine controlling 2 CAN FD channels and 7 digital input/output channels.

      Function Blocks: Enable users to easily set up automated tasks and simulate nodes and ECUs without
      relying on a complicated, text-based computer language.


      The neoECU 12 can act as a bus adapter to transfer messages from incompatible buses. Using Vehicle Spy Gateway Builder allows you simply drag and drop one vehicle network to another network. Such as; Dual Wire CAN or Single Wire CAN to LIN, CAN to CAN, CAN to LIN, CAN to CAN FD, etc. 

      To program the neoECU 12 via CAN, one full Vehicle Spy license and a neoVI or ValueCAN is required. Contact ICS for more details and for specific configurations.


      Specifications subject to change; please contact Intrepid for the latest information.