Intrepid Control Systems teamed up with Defcon Car Hacking Village to bring you a CHV themed badge. The badge will make your Defcon experience more memorable by allowing you to generate arbitrary CAN waves, make some noise with built in Buzzer, show lots of cool LEDs and you can hack everything about the badge using Raspberry Pi Pico. 

Badge Specifications :

  • 1x CAN channel 
  • 12 LEDs
  • 2x Programmable Buttons
  • 1x Buzzer
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico development including C/C++, Micro Python and others. USB console app for generating arbitrary CAN messages with 8ns timing resolution
  • Open source schematic and example programs
  • CHV talk video explaining function and use of badge
  • Dip Switch
  • Lithium 3-volt coin battery



OBD-Kill Website

OBD-Kill Defcon CHV Presentation

Defcon 30 CHV Official Badge Commercial

Defcon 30 OBD-Kill Badge First Flight

OBD-Kill Documentation/Users Guide

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