Introducing Vehicle Spy X: Cross Platform Vehicle Network Software for Automation

June 14, 2021

The current landscape of automotive network engineering requires more than a PC based, closed tool chain. Automation of testing and validation, groups spread out over the world, and the advent of Python demands much more. Vehicle Spy X solves these central problems facing automotive network engineering. Watch our Vehicle Spy Launch Presentation to learn more at 

Key Applications  

  • Test Automation 
  • AUTOSAR Restbus Simulation 
  • Virtual ECU Testing 
  • Protocol Conformance Testing 
  • Test Report Generation 
  • Python integration with your CI/CD system

To learn more about Vehicle Spy X please click here (https://intrepidcs.com/products/software/vehicle-spy-x/) or contact your Intrepid sales representative to make sure Vehicle Spy X is right for your application.

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