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Intrepid’s FlexRay Evaluation Board breaks the financial barriers to FlexRay experimentation and learning.The FlexRay Evaluation board includes everything you need to get a FlexRay Network up and running.

Low Cost Experimentation with FlexRay Technology
The Intrepid Control Systems, Inc. FlexRay Evaluation Board (EVB) enables quick setup and monitoring of a complete FlexRay network. This USB powered board includes two complete FlexRay nodes, each with channel A and B physical layers.
FlexRay EVB

  • Experiment with FlexRay technology at a low cost.
  • Rest Bus simulation of FlexRay networks.
  • Interact with the Bosch ERAY FlexRay Core using Windows Development tools, such as Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Use as a SPI peripheral to other micro controller development boards.
  • Develop FlexRay / Handler ECU code on the PC.
  • Reconfigure FlexRay networks without using device programmers.


  • Two FUJITSU ASSP MB88121C FlexRay Controllers allow full network startup.
  • Four ELMOS E910.54B FlexRay physical layer transceivers.
  • USB powered – no other cables needed.
  • FlexRay test points for hooking up an oscilloscope.
  • Xilinx Spartan 3A FPGA connected to FlexRay signals for monitoring.
  • USB 2.0 High Speed interface to the FlexRay board allow SPI configuration of FlexRay controllers, Transceivers, and FPGA.
  • SPI Connector for connecting additional external board.
  • Windows software for configuration of the board includes both a DLL and a GUI application.
  • Vehicle Spy Professional for FlexRay 90 day trial version included with upgrade option to Vehicle Spy Professional.
  • DB9 FlexRay connector allows FlexRay tool connection or daisy chaining of multiple FlexRay EVBs without cabling.
  • Example C code for configuring the FlexRay network.

FlexRay EVB Video Library

Watch these easy to follow and informative tutorials to learn FlexRay EVB basics fast.