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ValueCAN 4-1

Low-Cost, High-Performance CAN-USB Interface with IP65 Aluminum Enclosure
The Ultimate CAN to USB tool:

ValueCAN 4-1 is an exceptionally priced CAN to USB tool with no compromises.  ValueCAN 4-1 boasts high quality and high performance with to up to 1 Megabit 100% bandwidth low latency transmit and receive performance, ECU Flashing Support via J1534/RP1210/DLL, and electrical isolation. ValueCAN 4-1 is built upon the the field proven ValueCAN 3 series which has sold over 60000 units to industry, military and automotive areas.


Developer Package Options

The ValueCAN 4-1 Developer Package is designed for beginners with CAN. It includes full access to Vehicle Spy Pro software features for four months. Find out more online: http://store.intrepidcs.com/product-p/vcan4-1a-vspy-pro-dev.htm


Many Uses

ValueCAN 4-1 can be used in a multitude of ways. Common uses include high speed flashing, ECU simulation, dealership CAN dongle, standalone mode for automating tests, and many more.


High Performance

ValueCAN 4-1 has been tested and verified to operate on high bandwidth CAN networks. This includes 100% utilization at 1Mbps.


Real Time Acceleration and Stand Alone Mode Enable High Speed Flashing, and ECU simulation

ValueCAN 4-1 has the ability to load real-time function block scripts created with Vehicle Spy Professional software. These scripts then execute in real time at microsecond resolution. The scripts can be controlled and monitored with a PC application or operate in standalone mode.


High Level Protocols Supported

J1939, OBD2 on CAN, Keyword Protocol over CAN, UDS diagnostics, CCP/XCP, DeviceNet, and CANOpen are all compatible with ValueCAN 4. We offer cables for J1939 and automotive diagnostics on CAN.


Software Support: Turn-Key

A copy of Vehicle Spy 3 Trial Edition is included with ValueCAN 4-1. This program is a powerful vehicle bus analyzer for monitoring messages and configuring baud rates. The professional user will want to upgrade to the full Vehicle Spy 3 software. Vehicle Spy lets you filter traffic, decode message data, build scripts, simulate other nodes, and build GUIs to control, log and view your data.

Software Support: Create Your Application Using the Included Intrepid DLL API, J2534 API, or RP1210 API

For those who wish to write their own applications, ValueCAN 4 includes a DLL and helpful examples for Python, Visual C++, C++ Builder, LabWindows CVI, LabVIEW, Java, Delphi, Excel, and Visual Basic. For more information on the DLL, please see the neoVI DLL documentation (ValueCAN 4 uses the neoVI DLL).