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neoOBD 2 LC

Low-Cost Open Platform OBD Interface for Automotive IoT

You know IOT, and Intrepid knows how to get automotive data. The neoOBD 2 LC is the key to combining these knowledge areas. Getting automotive data in a form ready for IoT has never been easier. 

A Modular Vehicle Network Adapter for Mass-Deploying your Custom Connected Vehicle Solution

Deploy your own wireless OBDII adapter in mass scale, uniquely customized to fit your specific requirements. The neoOBD 2 LC is the mass deployment model in the neoOBD2 hardware line up. It features three options for wireless connectivity. Wi-Fi ARM MCU, Bluetooth Low Energy ARM SoC, and LTE-M1 / NB1 / EGPRS LPWA cellular modem with built-in GPS.

You have complete access to raw vehicle network data within these modules, via secure APIs that interface to Intrepid’s proven CAN, LIN, and KLINE drivers. You have the ability to provide the vehicle network data over Wi-Fi, BLE, and LTE-M1 / NB1 / EGPRS cellular modem to the Internet and other mobile devices.

neoOBD 2 LC

Key Features

  • Up to 4x CAN FD
  • Up to 1x SW CAN
  • Up to 1x LIN / K-Line
  • Up to 1x Ethernet
  • Choose a combination from the following three Wireless Modules:
    • ARM Cortex M4 Wi-Fi SoC to host your Wi-Fi IoT application
    • ARM Cortex M4 Bluetooth Low Energy MCU to host your Bluetooth IoT application
    • NB-IoT / LTE-M1 / EGPRS LPWA cellular modem with built-in GNSS GPS engine
  • Intrepid’s secure API provides complete access to all vehicle network data from Wireless MCUs
  • neoOBD2 SDK with sample projects and documentations available for AWS IoT Core and Microsoft Azure IoT Hub
  • General purpose engineering tool for OBDII, enabling a wide array of applications such as data logging, simulation and gatewaying
  • Prototype new cybersecurity solutions for vehicle networks
  • Unique configurable OBDII pin design through NeoVI Universal Connector (NUC) architecture
  • Optional 9-axis Inertial Measurement Unit
  • Optional RTC with battery
  • 32GB eMMC storage


  • CAN, CANFD, LIN, KLINE, DoIP in-vehicle network interface to Wi-Fi, BLE, and NB-IoT / LTE-M1
  • Low-cost OBDII interface to commercial cloud-based IoT services as well as proprietary servers in strict private network environment
  • Create your own OBDII interface with Internet and Bluetooth connections
  • Stream vehicle network data in real-time over the air
  • Secure in-vehicle network gateway for OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers
  • General purpose PC interface for CANFD, LIN, KLINE, and DoIP using Vehicle Spy 3 Enterprise


The Freedom to Create your own Automotive IoT Solution

The optional Texas Instruments SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3235SF Wi-Fi MCU featured in the neoOBD 2 LC is compatible with popular commercial cloud-based IoT services, such as AWS IoT Core and Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, as we as other platforms and servers based on secure protocols such as HTTPS, SSL/TLS and MQTT.

For BLE applications, the neoOBD2 LC features an optional nRF52840, a programmable Bluetooth 5.2 SoC from Nordic Semiconductor supporting Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth mesh, NFC, Thread and Zigbee. The SoC features a fully implemented Bluetooth Low Energy protocol stack that can be accessed from your ARM Cortex M4 application using simple API calls. The stack fully implements the Bluetooth GAP, GATT, ATT, SM, L2CAP, and Link Layer and also comes with a set of libraries that implement registered BLE services. You have the complete freedom to create any custom BLE services and characteristics as well. This SoC approach greatly reduces the code size and time to market, allowing developers to focus on application logic with no need to re-invent any of the BLE protocols.

The neoOBD2 LC also features an optional BG96 from Quectel, a LPWA LTE-M1 / NB1 / EGPRS cellular modem with built-in GPS. You have the option to host your application on either the CC3235SF Wi-Fi MCU or the nRF52840 BLE SoC by using the AT command driver provided by Intrepid.

The neoOBD2 SDK on GitHub provides examples and documentations to help you get started with your next automotive IoT project.

Vehicle Spy Application Software

Intrepid’s Vehicle Spy software fully supports the neoOBD 2 LC. With Vehicle Spy, users can monitor and transmit on all neoOBD 2 LC networks simultaneously. Vehicle Spy is required to configure standalone mode. Users can take advantage of the powerful interface to load databases and to write and debug scripts before downloading them to the device.

Standalone Logging, Scripting, Gateways and Simulation

In addition to working as a PC interface, the neoOBD 2 LC can operate in standalone mode. It can run real-time scripts, log data to internal flash memory, and simulate ECUs and gateways. These features also make it possible to run a script to reflash ECUs using data from flash memory.