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Autonomous ONE™

Compute, Logger, & Sensor Unit Motherboard for Autonomous Development

Clean Out Your Trunk! All you need in a single 1U 19” Rack System

To help automakers, suppliers and automotive vehicle researchers speed autonomous vehicle development by replacing a trunk full of cobbled-together equipment with a single interface device.  Autonomous ONE™ motherboard, an all-in-one data logger that integrates multiple inputs into a single open platform.

This affordable device will link together many components of autonomous technology, including the autonomous CPU (CPU Card), GPS/GNSS and connectors for multiple types of sensors including cameras, radar, LiDAR, and other inputs.

Autonomous ONE

Key Features

  • Made for the In-Vehicle Environment with Integrated power management, large voltage range, and watchdog Aurix monitoring CPU
  • Compute Supports integrated Jetson Xavier Compute GPU/CPU, an External x86 CPU via PCIe iPASS System, or no CPU.
  • Time Synchronization of all data via CAN FD, Ethernet (PTP/NTP/Intrepid), or GPS PPS. LiDARs GPS PPS Time-synchronization port replicates GPS PPS for multiple LiDARs.
  • Integrated Data Logger
    • FPGA Hardware design requires no software or Compute overhead
    • Removable storage solution based on 4 NVMe M.2 or NF1 (up to 64 TB)
    • High-Performance Data Logger Made for Autonomy
    • Ublox 8 Neo GPS with options for RTK and IMU
    • neoVI MIC2 support for recording events such as disengagements with audio annotations
  • Sensors: Ethernet:
    • 2x 10GBASE-T
    • 6x 1GBASE-T
    • 1x 1GBase -T with POE
    • 12x 100/1000BASE-T1
    • 4x SFP Cages
  • Sensors: SerDes:
    • Up to 16x SerDes Camera Inputs or 14x Taps
      • FPD-Link III / GMSL or future formats such as MIPI-A
      • Interchangeable SerDes Module
  • Sensors: Vehicle Networks:
    • Up to 24 CAN / CAN FD, 18x LIN, 1x DoIP, 12x FlexRay
    • Accepts VNEXT Module format for future expansion
  • Sensors: Analog and Digital I/O
  • Sensors: Four USB 3.0 for sensors such as UART or Camera
  • HDMI output for Compute CPU

NVMe Cards

  • Removable storage solution based on 4 NVMe M.2 or NF1 (up to 64 TB)
  • Each NVMe is on independent PCIe Channel
  • PCIe 2.0 x 4 (four lanes) is 2000 MBytes/Second
  • Either FPGA or CPU slot can control any NVMe at a time

CPU Card: Any Autonomous CPU

VNEXT Card: Vehicle Networks

  • neoVI Fire2 VNEXT designed to add 8 CAN FD channels,  DoIP support, 6 LIN networks 
  • FlexRay VNEXT designed to add 6 CAN FD channels, 4 FlexRay channels, DoIP support
  • Analog In VNEXT designed to add 12 Waveform Analog IO Channels

In addition to being an affordable, all-in-one vehicle interface, Autonomous ONE can also be used for automatic and manual remote download, control and monitoring of data through a Wireless 4G/5G or 60 GHz WiGig™ connection. The Autonomous ONE device is the only open system that is designed to bring autonomous technology into one unit at a reasonable price.