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Automotive Ethernet Switch Evaluation Device

The SwitchBADGE is a development and demonstration platform utilizing Marvell’s 88Q5030 Ethernet Switch.  It can be connected to up to 3x 100BASE-T1 devices, including Intrepid’s EtherBADGE or can be daisychained with other SwitchBADGE to experiment with larger networks.

Experimentation with AVB networks is also possible using the embedded AVB stack.  This stack and the switch can be configured with software provided by Marvell Semiconductor. 

Key Features

  • USB Type C PC Interface enumerates a USB3 Gigabit NIC
  • Push-in mating connector (Phoenix Contact 1778858)
  • Embedded AVB Stack
  • Low cost mini-USB cables for connection to Intrepid’s EtherBADGE or other 100BASE-T1 devices.

All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.


Create Switch Topology network using SwitchBADGE and three EtherBADGE

Bus/Ring Topology using Daisy Chain

Bus/Ring Topology using Daisy Chain

Create experiment with alternatives to the switch topology by using multiple switchBADGE and EtherBADGE. Here you could create a bus or ring topology by including a switch in every node. Optionally include a RAD-Galaxy multiport tap to monitor the performance of the network.