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Low-Cost CAN FD, LIN, Automotive Ethernet and Analog Device

The EtherBADGE​ is a low cost tool for learning In-Vehicle Networking. It supports Automotive Ethernet, CAN, LIN, as well as analog inputs and digital outputs on a single device. All of these networks and I/O can be controlled by the Intrepid’s powerful Vehicle Spy software as well as Intrepid’s open source APIs.

The EtherBADGE contains 8x analog inputs (6x 0-5V analog channels, 1x integrated potentiometer, 1x integrated temperature sensor) It can also drive 7x on-board LEDs to simulate load activation, as well as having 4x discrete 5V outputs to drive external loads.


Key Features

  • 1x 100BASE-T1 using Marvell 88Q1010 PHY
  • 1x CAN/CAN FD channel using Microchip MCP2562FD
  • 1x LIN channel or K-Line
  • 8 Analog inputs
    • 6 Analog 0-5V input channels
    • 1 connected to Potentiometer
    • 1 connected to a temperature sensor
  • 4 Digital 5V output channels
  • 7 LEDs
  • 12-Bit ADC (Analog to Digital Converter)
  • USB Type C connector for power and configuration
  • Through-holes for soldered I/O connections
  • Push-in mating connector (Phoenix Contact 1778858)
  • Open source Python and C++ example files and APIs at www.github.com/intrepidcs


All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.

The EtherBADGE includes everything you need to get an vehicle network up and running

Switch Topology

Create Switch Topology network using SwitchBADGE and three EtherBADGE

Bus/Ring Topology using Daisy Chain

Bus/Ring Topology using Daisy Chain

Create experiment with alternatives to the switch topology by using multiple switchBADGE and EtherBADGE. Here you could create a bus or ring topology by including a switch in every node. Optionally include a RAD-Galaxy multiport tap to monitor the performance of the network.